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Established over 17 years ago, Faros have built up a strong client base from small to medium enterprises through to FTSE 100 companies offering energy management and metering services. Our year on year growth has come from personal recommendations and our strong reputation for high standards of customer service and integrity.

Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)

In response to Article 8 of the European Commission's Energy Efficiency Directive, the government has introduced new legislation, the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme. Thousands of large UK organisations will be affected by the scheme, the purpose of which is to cut carbon emissions by identifying energy reduction measures through Article 8 compliant ESOS assessments.

ESOS applies to organisations which have:

·         250 or more employees

or an undertaking which has less than 250 employees but has:

·          An annual turnover in excess of €50m and a balance sheet exceeding €43m

 The scheme will operate in four yearly compliance phases:


Qualification Date

Compliance Phase

Compliance Date

Phase 1

31st December 2014

6th December 2011 – 5th December 2015

5th December 2015

Phase 2

31st December 2018

6th December 2015 – 5th December 2019

5th December 2019

Phase 3

31st December 2022

6th December 2019 – 5th December 2023

5th December 2023

Our lead assessors, surveyors, engineers and energy analysts work as a team in partnership with our customers.  Our approach is to tailor the route to compliance for each individual customer within the scope of scheme.

We take account of energy saving initiatives implemented throughout the full compliance phase, ensuring our customers receive full credit for works already undertaken, in the event of potential future development of secondary ESOS legislation.


Faros have the expertise, products, knowledge and commitment to offer your business a lasting solution to all your energy management and bureau requirements.

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